Senin, 25 November 2013

Prediksi Jitu

Hauri Products Will Use BitDefender Antivirus Engines Hauri Inc. has chosen to implement BitDefender proprietary Virus Scan Engines in Hauri products for the 'Hauri Next Generation Anti-virus Engine Development Project.' Hauri will provide customers with a new type of multi-engine antivirus, running several different verified engines. As the first stage of this project, BitDefender Antivirus engine will be running alongside Hauri's ViRobot engine in all Hauri antivirus products. CEO Kwon Seok Chul of Hauri said: 'For a 100% protection against all kinds of malicious programs, such as worms or viruses, we have planned our 'Next generation Engine Development Project' before embodying the fusion of some other companies' security solution module to multi-type. We made a real decision to offer a comprehensive vision to our customers.' In response, Laura Serbanescu, BitDefender Technology Partnership Manager, declared: 'We are proud that one of the most prestigious antivirus producers of Korea decided to use our technologies. I think that the leap in performance will be immediately and easily noticed by customers. Certainly, this agreement will provide a sound basis for the continued presence of BitDefender technologies in

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